We Clean to Fit Your Budget.

We are committed to a cleaning plan that works for your budget. We can make sure that your environment looks presentable and your space feels clean whether it be once a week or once a month. Reach out to us today to discuss what your cleaning needs are and how our cleaning solutions can work for you.

We Just Want to Clean Anything

We love to clean. We’re ready to work with you to get the job done well, whether you are looking to have your entire office cleaned weekly, or have a special project like a post construction clean up or special event cleaning. Get in contact to discuss the logistics of making it happen.



We Use Quality Products.

Our success is a combination of the way we clean and the quality products we choose. Weaver Cleaning chooses the best products to fit the way you operate and to meet your budget. Things like the quality of the paper towels and dispensers do make a difference in maintaining a clean and well-functioning workplace.

Disinfecting for Cleanliness and Safety

Weaver Cleaning uses hospital-grade products to disinfect workplaces, businesses, manufacturing facilities and other public spaces.

Contact us for more information on how to maintain a safe environment for workers and visitors.